Looking for a speaker for your corporate or group wellness event? Why not talk about everyone's favorite topic? Food! 

From sharing tidbits of my personal journey (working at a spa in India, some real Kitchen Confidential moments from my time in restaurants) to dozens of case studies from my clients who've cleaned up their diets, I'll engage your group on healthy eating in a way that's actionable, nonjudgmental, and FUN.  Want to kick it up a notch?  We can include a mini tasting of a smoothie, salad sample, or natural dessert to really get the crowd excited and engaged.

Perfect for Corporate Wellness and Health Fairs, Doctor's Offices, and Entrepreneur Groups.


Have a smaller group that's interested in a more intimate discussion?  Try a private workshop in or out of the kitchen for 4-20 of your team members.  We'll talk, demo, and taste clean food based on what's right for your group, with plenty of time for Q&A and mingling after. From Easy Breakfast Smoothies to Healthy Craft Cocktails, we'll create a memorable, interactive event for your team.


I've been blessed to support so many great food-focused, sustainable, and health organizations in my career. One of my favorite ways to do that? By showing up in person, asking questions, and helping an audience engage, understand and remember an evening with a meaningful organization. (Oh and maybe a few laughs along the way.) As a female, minority entrepreneur who started her business at age 25, I love bringing an energy and different perspective to panels and events.

Check out an episode of Nightcap to hear me chat with movers and shakers in the Chicago food scene like Chef Mindy Segal of Hot Chocolate, Sonat Birnecker Hart of Koval Distillery, and Darius Jones of the Chicago Botanic Garden's Windy City Harvest.

What's going on in these pics? 1) Featured speaker at Deutsche Bank's Women on Wall Street Work/Life Expo 2) Food Photography workshop with Kelly Allison Photography at Workshop Chicago 3) Green Smoothie presentation at Havas Worldwide Chicago Corporate Wellness Fair 4) Lunch and Learn Workshop at Enerspace Coworking 5) Interviewing bartender Liz Pearce of The Drifter 6) Interviewing President of Koval Distillery on Nightcap