Best Cookbooks for Holiday Gifts

Because Cookbooks Make the Best Gifts

As a chef and total book nerd, one of my favorite gifts to give and receive is--no surprise--a good cookbook!  Cookbooks can be a great way to help eager cooks filter out the overwhelming amount of information on the internet and spend some time learning from one of their favorite authors, bloggers, or chefs one-on-one

Last year, I did a round up of the top cookbooks I was feeling in 2015, so I wanted to follow that up with my top picks for 2016.  Only one of these books was actually published in 2016, but these 5 are ones I found myself coming back to over and over again throughout the year--the sign of a good book in my book.

My Top Cookbooks to Give as Holiday Gifts:

The Cookbook: Bowl + Spoon

Author: Sara Forte
Who is it good for?: A natural food blog lover who eats mostly plant-based vegetarian, but doesn't mind seeing a recipe with occasional fish, turkey, dairy, or wheat in it. Also anyone who likes serving dinner every night in one big bowl.  
My favorite recipes: Lentil Tapenade; Tahini Kale Slaw and Roasted Portobello Bowl
Get it here.*

The Cookbook: The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia

Author: Rebecca Wood
Who is it good for?: The aspiring nutritionista, herbal remedy-lover, or firm believer in "food as medicine" in your life.  
My favorite feature: While this book contains minimal recipes, it takes you through hundreds of ingredients like ginger, bok choy, and turmeric and explains health benefits, uses in Eastern medicine (like Ayurveda), and tips for using and buying. 
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The Cookbook: The Vegetable Butcher

Author: Cara Mangini (a fellow grad in my culinary school class!)
Who is it good for?: Your friend or family member who lacks knife skills but pines over perfect vegetable dishes in restaurants.
My favorite recipes: Grilled and Smothered Artichokes; Mashed Fava Beans and Mint Crostini
Get it here.*

The Cookbook: Lucid Food

Author: Louisa Shafia
Who is it good for?: An eco-conscious eater with an urge to eat more seasonally and not purchase too many different ingredients.
My favorite recipes: Roasted Fennel Stuffed with White Beans and Chestnuts; Chickpea Cakes with Cilantro-Jalapeno Sauce
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The Cookbook: Hello, Wine

Author: Melanie Wagner
Who is it good for?: A wine drinker who wants to learn more, but in a totally approachable and non-snobby way.
My favorite recipes: Does "pour wine in glass" count?  While this book covers different types of grapes, flavor descriptions, and basic food pairings, my favorite section is the wine myth-busting chapter where Melanie explains that you probably aren't allergic to sulfites and that screw top bottles can lead to better wine than corks.  
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Did I miss any of your favorite cookbooks?  Tell me what books you've been crushing on in 2017 in the comments below!

*Note: Some of the links here are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase I earn a small percentage. It doesn't change the price to you--or the fact that these are my true recommendations, purchased with my own money--but I wanted to make sure that you knew that. :)