The Best Cookbooks to Give as Gifts This Year

For food-lovers and home cooks, nothing makes a better gift than a cookbook.  Beautifully photographed and designed, they are often just as much pleasure to skim through and get inspiration and ideas as they are to cook directly from.  Here are my top picks for cookbook gifts this year.  They weren't all published this year (although two were), but they are all a part of my personal collection and ones that I love both paging through and cooking from.  

My Top 5 Cookbooks for Holiday Gifts:

The cookbook: My New Roots

Author: Sarah Britton
Who is it good for?: The elegant vegan or vegetarian who loves to learn about the nutrition behind food
My favorite recipes: Socca with Grilled White and Green Asparagus, Dill and Feta; The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread with Olives and Caraway
Get it here.*

The cookbook: The Flavor Bible

Author: Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
Who is it good for?: The awesome home cook who never follows a recipe
My favorite recipe: This book doesn't contain many recipes. Instead it lists ingredients, flavors and cuisines and lists the top foods and flavors that pair well with them. Amazing for inspiration and putting your own twist on a classic recipe.
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The cookbook: Clean Food

Author: Terry Walters
Who is it good for?: The beginner who wants basic whole foods recipes with under 10 ingredients
My favorite recipes: Bok Choy and Chickpeas with Cashews; Cranberry Applesauce; Marinated Tofu with Ginger Cashew Dipping Sauce
Get it here.*

The cookbook: Radically Simple

Author: Rozanne Gold
Who is it good for?: The simplicity and science-lover who loves to make a big impact with minimal work
My favorite recipe: Chilean Sea Bass with Pistachio-Pesto Crust and Green Bean "Fries"; Steamed Parsnips with Toasted Almonds
Get it here.*

The cookbook: Cookie Love

Author: Mindy Segal
Who is it good for?: The serious baker who wants to know what an award-winning pastry chef really does to make her desserts so awesome
My favorite recipe: I got to interview Mindy on Episode 2 of Nightcap so you can hear more about the book from Mindy herself on that episode. Try the Barter Brownies.
Get it here.*

Have additional cookbooks to recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

*Note: Some of the links here are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase I earn a small percentage. It doesn't change the price to you--or the fact that these are my true recommendations, purchased with my own money--but I wanted to make sure that you knew that. :)