The $100 workout trick that cost me $0

Place a bet on your good habits 

This year, I'm focused on making good habits.  This is partially because I'm on a quest to improve myself (New Alia!) and partially because I've heard from many of you that you struggle to form consistent habits too when it comes to eating healthy.  

It's not that you don't know that takeout isn't great for you or that you should eat more greens.  It's that sometimes you need a little help with the implementation (how best to shop, plan and cook), the inspiration (recipes, combinations to try) and--more often than not--the discipline and organization required to make a daily habit out of clean eating.

And I'm right there with you too.  Even though I know eating well, going to sleep early, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water are keys to feeling my best, there are some nights when I'm up late on my computer, weekends I don't do my grocery shopping, and uh like everyday that I don't "feel inspired" to hit the gym.  One of the most frustrating feelings in work and life is when you are like: ooh yeah, I know better than this...but somehow I'm still not doing it.

A couple months ago, I heard a habit hack on the podcast Happier that was seriously life-changing for me.  Now that I've had two months to test it out, I want to share it with you too!

First off, I'm Daria-levels of not being a gym girl.  But making a daily practice of fitness is something that I've wanted to incorporate for years.  I'd do it for a couple of days, then lose motivation and stop.  Repeat for years.

I sign up for fitness classes online, so I pulled a little data:
In November of last year, I exercised 7 times.
In December, 4 times.  
In January, 3 times.

Starting in February, I recruited my boyfriend to partner with me in this good-habit scheming.  The hack: each of us set a fitness goal for ourselves about how many times we wanted to work out each week.  Every day we exercised, we'd mark it off on a printed calendar hanging up in the kitchen.  The catch?  If one person didn't meet their goal, they had to pay the other person $100 at the end of the month. 

After the $100 bet?
In February, I exercised 12 times.  
In March, 16 times.  

16 times!  Me!  The no-gym girl.  All because I don't want to give my boyfriend a $100 to spend on cords (how I rightly view all of his electronic purchases).  

Unexpected.  Hilarious.  Yet effective.

Think you might try this technique for a healthy habit in your life?  Leave your reply below.