Save wilting greens from the trash

Eating more nutrient-rich vegetables is one of the best things we can do for our health.  Since I'm teaching my Very Vegetable cooking classes this month, I'll also be sharing some veggie-loving tips and recipes in this month's blog posts.  Today I wanted to share one of my kitchen tricks that came up during last week's class: my green smoothie cubes!  

One of the class recipes was a green smoothie, which is fantastic way to get more vegetables and leafy greens into your diet, especially at breakfast which is often a veggie-free affair.  Leafy greens especially are the #1 food group we are often lacking and they are fantastic sources of iron, calcium, fiber, Vitamin A, C, K and so much more.

Unfortunately, one thing that often happens is that you buy bunches of kale or spinach ambitiously on Sunday and then find half of what you bought almost wilting by Thursday.  I know from talking to many of my students that wasting produce makes them less likely to want to buy more fresh vegetables the next week--what if it just ends up in the trash again?

When I have almost wilting greens like spinach, kale, swiss chard, or collard greens, I add them to the blender with water and a little lemon juice and blend until smooth.  Then I pour the liquid into a freezer tray to make these Green Smoothie Cubes.  Next time I want to make a green smoothie, I just add 2-3 of the frozen cubes instead of fresh greens!  It's win-win for using the produce I buy and eating more greens.  

This is a casual technique I use to save these odds and ends from the trash so I often don't measure.  If you want a few more tips and directions though, check out the recipe post.