New Video: How to Make Roasted Chickpeas

how to make roasted chickpeas video

New episode of Fare with Flair: Roasted Chickpeas!

A few weeks ago, I teased a new cooking show that I've been developing along with a company called Outcome Health.  I'm creating short and fun how-to cooking videos for them to air in doctor's office waiting rooms across the country.  Why not use that boring wait room time to learn how to make some healthy food?

Today, I want to share the first full episode of the show, where I explain how to make one of my favorite protein and fiber-rich snacks: Roasted Chickpeas!  These are a perfect party or movie snack and a great way to add texture and crunch to an ingredient that a lot of people find boring.  

In the 3-minute video, you can watch me make the recipe from start to finish, learn why you might want to eat more plant-based protein, and see some serving suggestions for your new go-to bean recipe.  You can find the accompanying instructions on my Recipes page here.  

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