Probiotic Foods for Happy Bellies

probiotics homemade coconut yogurt

By now you’ve probably heard from your doctor that you should be eating some probiotics or “good” bacteria. These little guys keep “bad” bacteria and yeasts like candida in check in your gut, making sure you are able to absorb nutrients from food and helping ward off infections.  The heart of the immune system is in the gut, so when our digestion is good, we feel good!

Although probiotic pills and celebrity-endorsed yogurt brands (yes, this is the world we live in) are the most common way that Americans get their good bacteria, yogurt is perhaps not the best source because dairy is a highly inflammatory food for most people.

Instead, my favorite ways to get more probiotics into my diet are naturally fermented produce—foods like kimchi and pickles. Check out your local farmer’s market and the refrigerator section of the grocery store for more and be sure to look for labels like “naturally fermented” and “live and active cultures.” Start by eating 1 spoonful of these foods a day. 

Looking for ideas? Try:

  • adding a spoonful of kimchi to spice up your morning eggs
  • eating coconut yogurt with berries and toasted nuts as a filling breakfast or dessert
  • sneaking in sauerkraut to a sandwich wrap or pita to add zip and crunch
  • snacking on crisp pickled vegetables when you are in the mood for a salty snack (I like carrots and of course, a good dill pickle on a stick)

Interested in learning more about healthy digestion and how to get more probiotics into your diet? Join me for the Clean in '15: Flow! Improving Digestion cooking class coming up soon!