3 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles for Post-Valentine's Blues

Make the chocolate you should have gotten for Valentine's Day

The day after Valentine's Day you might be dealing with an overwhelming amount of underwhelming chocolate candy.  Maybe someone brought a Whitman's Sampler into the office despite the fact that no one has ever actually liked nougat?  And those conversation hearts?  While adorable, I do have a theory that they might actually be pieces of chalk that got too small to write with.  Even higher end brands of chocolate tend to have pretty low percentages of actual cocoa, meaning they can be flat in flavor, high in sugar and they might not actually deliver much of the health benefits you think you are getting.

Skip the mediocre leftovers this week, and try this recipe for a quality treat to satisfy your sweet tooth: homemade chocolate truffles. Start with chocolate that's 70% cocoa to get rich, complex taste instead of a flat sugar high.  I love single-origin South American bars that are almost tangy, tart and floral but choose a kind that you like best.
This recipe has just 3 ingredients: chocolate bars, coconut milk and vanilla extract.  Mix them up, roll into teaspoon-sized spheres and then garnish however you like.  Try unsweetened coconut, cocoa powder, chopped nuts or (my favorite) crumbled spelt pretzels to get that craveable bitter-sweet-salty combination.