Newlywed Cooking Class


Newlywed Cooking Class


When a couple cooks together, it's not just about the dinner, it's about building routine and foundation for their new family and creating a sense of home. Give the newlyweds the gift of healthy cooking!

In this customized, in-home cooking class, the happy couple will learn to make use of all the beautiful kitchen tools from their gift registry. They'll learn how to wield a knife like a chef, how to get organized in the kitchen, and how to build quick, flavorful and balanced meals so they have more time and energy to enjoy their evenings together.

Let's make it fun, easy, and flavorful!

Details of Newlywed Cooking Class Gift Certificate:

  • 60-90 minutes of hands-on cooking and nutrition instruction
  • dinner menu that's quick to prepare, highly nutritious, and designed for 2 people
  • strategies for working together based on each person's strengths
  • couple can choose from selected menus or request a custom menu
  • couple sits down to a dinner-for-two while the chef cleans up and gives them privacy
  • scheduled at the convenience of the couple and the chef
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