Bitters and Soda

bitter and soda recipe

Bitters and Soda
1 serving

Bitters and soda is my new go-to drink when I don't feel like drinking and don't want whatever sugary soda or mocktail is available.  Originally used medicinally, bitters are considered digestive aids and are infused with powerful plants.  This drink will be fizzy, lightly flavored and very herbal.  You can add a splash of simple syrup too if you just can't go totally bitter.  Bitters are easy to make at home too--just get a super high proof alcohol drop herbs, spices or roots into it and wait (rosemary + cinnamon + orange peel is a great holiday combo).  Note: this mocktail isn't totally alcohol free--see my note in the full post.

10+ dashes bitters of choice (I used Hella Bitters Ginger Lemon)
8 ounces club soda
slice of lemon

1. Fill a tall collins glass with ice.  Add bitters, soda and lemon. Stir and serve immediately.