Personal Chef Service

Imagine coming home at the end of a long day to a refrigerator full of custom, nutritious, home-cooked meals–with someone else taking care of the planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning! 

Personal chef sessions are perfect for busy professionals and entrepreneurs, athletes, and health-conscious families. Save yourself between 10-15 hours a week, countless bags of unused, spoiled produce, and the headaches, weight gain and chronic health problems associated with eating too much takeout or processed foods. 

In a personal chef session, I come to your home and prepare you healthy meals for the week based on your diet and needs. Each session can include a variety of dinners, sides, salads, breakfasts, healthy snacks and more. My emphasis is always on flavor-packed whole foods, but special diets like allergies, gluten-free and vegan are easy--and fun!--to accommodate.

Personal Chef Service

Weekly Meal Preparation

A single personal chef session includes:

  • a custom menu emailed for approval the week before
  • shopping for fresh ingredients
  • cooking, storing and labeling of meals
  • full kitchen clean up

Investment: Sessions start at $395 + cost of ingredients

"Since starting with Alia's personal chef service, our family sits down and actually eats the same meal together! It has been seriously life changing. My kids LOVE the food, and are excited to try new things. I love that I can relax about dinner prep. I know the meals will be healthy and delicious. I also do not worry... read more